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Hello and welcome! Joshua and Isaiah here and we would like to help you on your preparedness journey. We here at Reasonably Prepared fully understand how overwhelming it is to research prepper related topics only to go from basic food and water storage to living in a bunker surrounded by guns and ammo almost immediately. So... we are compiling content for the complete beginner. We hope to serve by offering video instruction, podcasts and other resources based upon our own journey and subscriber interest. Topics include prepper mindset, philosophy, food storage and cultivation, security tactics and so much more. Please ask us anything and we'll do our best to help you! We are honored you would allow us to come along with you and hope to bring clarity to your preparedness journey free of the doomsday paranoia or fear mongering often associated with preppers.

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Bravo Concealment Holster Review

Looking for a quality holster that will not break the bank and is comfy to wear all day? Here is the Bravo concealment holster!! We love these holsters and HIGHLY recommend them. Made in Texas, Great Price and easy to wear all day... What's not to love? Thanks Bravo for these holsters!!!!

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3V Gear Paratus Pack Review

Are you shopping for a new bug out bag? How about a get home Bag? Need a backpack for hunting or even day hiking? Today we review the super cool and crazy versatile Paratus Pack from 3V Gear. If you've been looking for the 'does-it-all' prepper pack than we may have found the bag for you. Durable 600D PVC, Strong buckles and straps and some amazing colors. This pack ticks all the boxes of a great pack!

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P&G Purifier of Water Review

Today we go over and test the P&G Water Purification system by using on a gallon of swampy lake water! It claims to turn dirty and bacterial water and turn it into pure drinking water, and it had better cause we're gonna drink it either way! Comment below what other liquids we should test this on!

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